All-in-one CRM Solution

Simply CRM Features


Complete overview of all your contacts, adresses, phone numbers, websites, social media accounts and e-mail adresses.

Simply CRM Features


Track your sales all the way through the funnel, from lead to contact and offer to the final sale and invoicing

Simply CRM Features


Tasks, meetings and deadlines set up in calendar format, both private and shared.

Simply CRM Features

Task Management

Create tasks, assign people and track the progress in milestones and kanban views.

Simply CRM Features


Simply CRM can be integrated with Mailchimp, E-conomic, Google mail and many other systems.

Simply CRM Features

Access Management

With Access Management you can control who sees what data, and run multiple sales teams in the same system.

Simply CRM Features

Automated Workflows

Workflows can automate your routine tasks, freeing you up for more important work.

Simply CRM Features

Personal Filters

Filters allow you to see only the relevant data and get an overview at a glance.

Simply CRM Features


Connect your data in efficient reports for the complete detailed overview over even tiny details.


Simply integrates with your existing systems

simply crm integrates with outlook
Simply CRM integrates with Google Apps
Simply CRM integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
Simply CRM integrates with econom
Simply CRM integrates with winfinans
Simply CRM integrates with Magento
Simply CRM integrates with Mailchimp
Simply CRM integrates with Mandrill
Simply CRM integrates with Sendgrid
Simply CRM integrates with Snapengage
Simply CRM integrates with Wordpress
Simply CRM integrates with Woocommerce

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  • Project Management


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